Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First field trip (January 14, 2009)

Today totally rocked we went on a geography trip to several locations. Here are my random notes about each place:
  • Nabi Samwil (Prophet Samuel): This is believed to be Samuels tomb, yet it is empty. The thing that is neat is that there is both a Mosque and a Synagogue under the same roof, one of five in the world. It was fun to sing Hymn #100 in the chapel and hear the amazing accoustics. Bethel= house of God
  • Seven Arches Hotel Overlook: This is near the possible location of where Christ weaped over Jerusalem. As it overlooks the city today, the gates are closed up along the wall because its believed it will be where the Savior will come again. This spot also overlooks over a cemetary, where plots cost more than $50 thousand. Also, overlooks the Kidron valley where Christ crossed on the night of his crucifixion. The Eastern wall which was built in 1737. The Golden Gate were the Savior went through on a donkey in the triumphal entry. Al Quska Mosque which was built for men only. Dome of the Rock was built in 690 AD and rebuilt in the 60's under the Hussein family who added gold to the top. It is believed that the Dome is where Mohammed was taken up into heaven and Gabriel held the rock down. Also, it is believed by some that the Dome is where the Second Coming will take place.
  • Austa Victoria Tower: Consisted of beautiful mosaics and contained one of the oldest organs in the Holy Land.
  • Haas Promenade Overlook: We sat for lunch here along the ridge Abraham walked to sacrifice Isaac. U.N. headquarters sits on "the Hill of Ill Council" haha. At the time the Savior was born there were 2,000 animal sacrifices a day and it would wash down into the Kidron Valley, providing nutrients for farming (gross), Gethsemane is on the other side of the hill so the Saviors blood would have drained into the Kidron valley--> Christ's blood flowed the same way animal sacrifices once represented him. Jews believe Dome of the Rock is the center of the earth and it is also the location God stood to create the earth. Christians believe the Holy Sepulcher is the center of the earth. Underneath the Dome of the Rock it is believed Mohammad saw all of the prophets and then got on a "bird" and went back to Mecca. 1 prayer in the Dome = 1,000 prayers for the world. Psalms 125:1-4. Mt. Olives and Zion are in a horseshoe shape around Jerusalem, the Lord comforts you as a horseshoe surrounds. Jerusalem is not the tallest place in the area.
  • Deir Mar Elyas/ Elias Monastery: Here we got our first glimpse of Bethlehem, which is in hills not plains as the song says. This spot is the place Elijah the prophet rested after he bested the priests of Baal on Mt Carmel and escaped the wrath of Queen Jezebel.

It was great to get out and see the layout of the land. There was so much information it is hard to retain it all or even understand it all. If anyone catches that I mixed up any facts from my professors, please correct me!

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  1. wow, how amazing to know that you walked where the savior walked and samuel and hung around where all those amazing bible stories took place. i am so glad that you are safe, i wasn't sure that you would ever join the ranks of blogging, it took me a while too. i am so glad to hear from you, stay safe. love ya, shar