Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who peed on me?

In order to prepare for our ten day journey to Egypt today we went to exchange money and go to the market to buy some food. We were walking through the market and out of nowhere water starts streaming through the cracks of the "attempted roof" above the merchant shops . I quickly move and then look up to see what the stream of liquid that hit me contained. Although we couldn't see well we believe it was someone peeing from off their house above. It was quite disgusting. Every time we are in the market something happens. Today was also the first time we went in a group of five, but without a guy from our group. We had a lot of old men and teenage boys say a lot of disgusting things. I felt like I was being raped with my clothes on. Needless to say I am not going to the Old City again without a male from our group. It wasn't pleasant. One more funny story, when we were walking along the busy street suddenly this man grabbed my arm. I didn't get a good look at him, but went to go deck him in the face (maybe not the smartest when everyone carries guns here but it was a natural reaction). Suddenly, I realized it was Jimmy, a local merchant who is extremely kind to us and always looking out for us "Mormons." Turns out he ran into some members from Salt Lake City and was showing them around the sites, like I said he is a great guy who loves Mormons. He just wanted to know what time the concert at the Jerusalem Center was at tonight. I had a good laugh about that after.

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  1. When I was there a ten year old by touched my butt by Damascus gate, on a dare