Monday, April 13, 2009

He is Risen!

Today celebrates life. This morning I woke up very very early to attend a Lutheran sunrise service at Augusta Victoria Tower. It was amazing to witness such a scene over the Holy Land and to ponder the significance of this day. I then attended a service at the Garden Tomb. It was not at all as I expected. It turned out to being an evangelist rock concert with people jamming out and shouting praises. It was so fun. We really are "celebrating" that He is Risen.

I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and feelings about the Savior Jesus Christ.

He is Risen. His influence on lives has never faltered, neither His love. Let us rejoice, not mourn the memory of a martyrs death. He opened the tomb, not to let others out, but to allow us to come in. Can you imagine what the apostles were feeling on this day? Grief, fear, doubt. They needed the comforting words of Jesus. In our own lives we perhaps have those same feelings. We too need to have a personal encounter with Him.

Was it still dark when Mary made her way to the tomb? How long had He been waiting for her? On that day she was distraught and in the depths of despair. Everything in her world fell apart in a matter of hours. Why are you crying? was the first question asked by the angels and also Jesus of her. It wasn't until He called out her name that she stepped out of her grief and despair. Jesus can bring peace to our broken hearts as well, we need not be afraid. The women didn't know if they should laugh or cry. On that evening as the apostles were waiting to be arrested Jesus came. He still comes when we are gripped by fear and unbelief. When they see Him their fear and belief gives way to faith and joy.

Thomas had to be sure when he saw the Savior. A week later, Jesus comes in His grace to Thomas and says the same thing He had one week prior. Thomas was filled with faith and courage. We need to stop doubting and believe and declare with out hearts--you are my Lord and my God. The Savior said to all "go and tell others." Like Thomas, we cannot hold on to Jesus ourselves, but share with others the message that He lives. We are here today because others became those witnesses by going and telling others.

Don't just rejoice in the resurrection, but go and tell the world!


  1. you are awesome Emi and such an example to me. Thank you for strengthening my testimony by sharing yours. :) Be safe over there! When do you come home?

  2. Emilie, Thanks for sharing all of this, for it is truly inspiring!