Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok so we've done some pretty neat stuff here, but today was definitely one of the most adventurous so far. I wanted to go out to West Jerusalem to buy a new flash drive so I recruited a few others and called a cab to come get us. We got to the Canon store and although none of us noticed at first, a sketchy guy with yellowed hair and a green jacket followed us in. He was staring really intently at our group of girls as we looked at a camera for Anne, a flash drive for me, and a charger for Moon. One by one we all got a little creeped out (except for Moon cause she hard core and super tough), and as we talked about it a little more we all gravitated towards the back of the store. Christine, Breana and Richelle were standing by the back counter when he approached us with a note. It had some Hebrew writing on it, and then some incoherent English words at the bottom. We blew him off, told him we couldn't help him and moved to the front of the store, where he followed us again. I approached him directly, and after asking him if there was anything we could help him with and getting no response, we all started to get a little more worried. We asked the shop keeper if he worked there, and he replied that he didn't and that he was even a little creepy to the shop keeper! He asked us if we had a man with us, and when we said no he told us we might want to call someone - so we called security. At this point the guy was passing me more notes saying that the devil had closed his mouth so he couldn't speak, and talked about...well I won't tell all but lots of other really disconcerting things. Moon and Richelle were outside practicing our Martial Art skills when Security showed up and escorted us to their van. I guess it wasn't as big of a threat as we thought, cause the whole way home they were teasing us about beating up the crazy 80-year-old "Santa Claus" as they called him, but we were all still glad we called! Some deranged old man was definitely not normal, especially when he would NOT stop staring and the content of his notes was...well...less than friendly. You'll have to check out the pics to see how awesome it was!


  1. Ha ha, wow, Em, that is a pretty sweet adventure. I think it's just flash drives, they tend to cause interesting stories. Last time I had to get a flash drive, I was attacked by a bear. Might have been a dream, but I'm pretty sure, eh? Anywho, I am sending you a button for future security threats. Just press it and "POOF!" I'll be there to help!

  2. very creepy indeed! but emi, what if you don't get anything from Santa Claus this year!?!?!

  3. K, yeah, that is creepy...I would have done the same thing! Security from the Jerusalem Center? or from their store? Sheesh Emi, be careful :)