Thursday, February 5, 2009

On the road to Jericho

Left: Marianne and I sweating after the hike up

Below: Firas, security guard and my yummy lemonade.
Center: Cool view of Jerico through the cross at the top of the mountain

Left: Joshua sounding the trumpet for the walls to fall down

Right: Jeff building the wall

Herod the Greats Winter Palace

Today we went to Jericho. It was cool to hike up into the mount of temptation where the Savior was tempted by Satan. They have a monastery built into a cave in the mountain, way cool. We went to Herod the Greats Winter Palace, where he killed his father-in-law, wife, and brother. He also died there himself. It was interesting to think that today is usually one of the coldest days of the year in Utah and we were here sweating at 7 am in 80 degree weather. It was kind of crazy, because Jericho is in the West Bank, we had all the big Jerusalem Center security guards go with us. They all have found a liking to making fun of me, I am not too sure why? Perhaps because I throw it right back, lol. So they kept teasing that they wanted to kick me out at the check point with the military guards. At the spring of Elisha I got the BEST fresh squeezed lemonade that I have ever had. It was divine. After our trip I totally crashed in my bed for much longer than I had anticipated, the sun just wears you out.

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  1. dear ms. emilie,
    your blog is darlig.
    I am so glad you are in Jeru with me.
    I cant wait to get to know you better.
    love you.
    -cate t.