Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time to fill you in...

Sorry I am terrible at this blogging thing. I will try to quickly recap the last few weeks
  • YMCA Bells-we rang/played the bells for 60 thousand people. It was fun to go with the Squires, a senior couple here. Good thing Richelle could read music and plays the piano. She did all the work and I just hit the same 5 notes over and over. LOL
  • Valentines- "Greater love hath no man than this than He lay down His life for His friends." I went to the Garden Tomb and contemplated the great love of the Atonement and its implications in my life. I am so grateful to my friend for giving His life for me and my idiosyncrasies
  • St. Anne's Church (Pools of Bethesda)- This was such a simple, beautiful church with incredible architecture in the ceiling. With the small group that I went with we started singing some hymns because the acoustics were awesome. We turned around and there was a tour group from Sweden filming us, many of the women teary eyed and touched by the message of the hymns. If only we could have shared the gospel, dang non-proselyting contract. I really like the story from the Bible of the man waiting for years at the pools to be healed and the Savior heals him. It is beautiful! (The Karl Bloche painting is one of the best depictions we have of this scene).
  • Dome of the Rock-We were able to walk right up to this beautiful mosaic structure, but not able to go inside. But don't think I didn't try :). I put my scarf over my head and was wearing a skirt so I went to take off my shoes and go into the mosque. I was so close but a guard came up to me yelling that I was only allowed to walk around and not go in, dang it! The Dome is considered one of the most sacred sites in the world because this is where many believe God stood to create the earth, the place where Muhammad ascended into heaven, where Jews believe is the rock that Abraham sacrificed Isaac. Needless to say I was disappointed I couldn't go in to see this sacred rock.
  • Dormition Abby- where Mother Mary is buried (one of the spots they claim). The thing I liked about this church was that there are several beautiful murals from different countries (Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, US, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Africa). The murals are to honor Mary and a scene from the Saviors life. It was really neat. Also, above Christ is a mosaic of significant women in the Bible-Even, Esther, Judith, Miriam, Ruth and Jael.
  • Room of the Last Supper-not what I was expecting. Not big or preserved at all. But neat to think about the sacred events that took place here.
  • Knesset- Israeli Parliament building. It was cool that their seats are arranged in a Menorah. There is an interesting tapestry painted by Chagall representing Israel's past, present and future.
  • Russian Orthodox Church-while this church was beautiful what interested me most was in the back we were able to sneak around to find the original stairs that Christ walked on his way to Bethany. This is one of three spots archaeologists are certain Christ would have walked on. Pretty neat.

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