Saturday, February 28, 2009

Elder Neuenschwander notes

The past two days we have been spiritually fed by Elder Neuenschwander, of the Quarum of the Seventy. I thought I may share a few of my random notes from his teachings.

*Matt 14
  • Jesus teaches Peter about faith by walking on the water
  • "Be not afraid..." to have faith in Christ
  • Accomplish what you came to accomplish (in Jerusalem and in life)
  • At the Pools of Bethesda the Savior said "Arise and walk," this is an invitation to help us rise where we are and walk to do better.
  • "Rise from the dust and be men" 2 Nephi 1:21. What dust in our lives do we need to move away from
  • Lehi's sons are murmuring but he tells them to arise and overcome--> faith is how we do this
  • A person of faith doesn't get mad but says give me the strength to learn whatever I need to learn
  • Repentance is not harsh, but an invitation to come to a better spot. It is also the entrance into the mercy of Christ. If we do not repent we miss the love of the Atonement
  • "Give away all our sins to know Him" as Lamoni's father mentions
  • Knowledge doesn't bring me comfort and peace but my faith does "My peace I give unto you"
  • The Savior gave to the apostles anything but peace. To preach the gospel meant leaving their families, comforts and ease. But the Savior gave them a different kind of peace that the world gives. The peace the Savior brings is the presence of the Holy Ghost
  • "The Lord accomplishes multiple outcomes with a single transaction," said Elder Maxwell in a Priesthood leadership meeting in Rexburg, Idaho
  • Seer= prophesies and makes hidden things manifest. Prophet= teaches the gospel guided by inspiration. Teacher= to teach by the Holy Ghost. We are all to be teachers and constantly have opportunities to teach the gospel.
  • What is preaching without praying?
  • Be honest with the Lord, talk to Him as your father
  • We too are called to be teachers from God
  • "The Lord is our example. It would be hard to call Him an executive, He was a teacher" Elder Packer
  • *D&C 88:118
  • Like you, I want to be a better disciple and teacher
  • "Master the tempest is raging" All things will be subject to obey His will
  • Righteousness will always triumph evil
  • "Brethren work harder, it's OK if you die we will replace you," said President Hinckley

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  1. thanks for sharing Em. That is what I needed to hear today